Creating Value Inc is social purpose consultancy focusing on:


Social Impact

We have decades of experience in the social impact space. We can help you overcome constraints and create positive change. 

Added Value 

We focus on the areas where we can add value. We have developed an approach informed by in-depth research and practice. 


We work alongside you. We are your support crew - bolstering your capacity with our specialized knowledge, tools, and skill sets.

Features & Announcements

Organizational Readiness for Social Enterprise
How ready is your organization to use social enterprise as a means to advance its mission? Use our new Organizational Readiness for Social Enterprise tool and find out! Rather than provide a "readiness score", the tool has been designed to stimulate a dialogue among members of your board and management team about the perceived readiness of your organization to leap into social enterprise. Check out the tool by clicking here.

Intentional + Adaptive Strategy = Social Impact                     
No longer is strategy a lengthy plan that is (possibly) skimmed and (undoubtedly) shelved. Creating Value sees strategy as a framework of interconnected elements that supports an organization to achieve its intended impact. Give our strategy framework a go and let us know what you think. If you would like to be part of our pilot, please be in touch.