Doing Better at Doing Good

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Creating Value is a social purpose consultancy that works with organizations dedicated to creating positive change. Put another way, Creating Value helps organizations do better at doing good.

“The most impactful organizations are those that understand the broader context, or system, which they are operating in,” says Jill Andres, Creating Value’s founder and principal. “Just as importantly, these organizations have a shared sense of purpose. The whole team – from frontline staff to the board of directors – understands the change they are working together to effect.”

There is no shortage of “opportunities” for organizations that are focused on improving conditions for vulnerable individuals and families, or protecting the environment. However, knowing which ones to choose can be tricky. Creating Value has developed an Impact Framework, drawing from research and practice in both the business and nonprofit fields, to help organizations make strategic choices. “We help organizations explore their why, their what and their how, and then articulate this strategy on one page through text and visuals,” explains Andres. 

Given how quickly our reality can change, it’s not surprising that the final element in Creating Value’s framework addresses learning. Andres reminds us that, “Our context is dynamic, so our strategies must be, too.” Organizations need to stay on top of the changes in the broader system and be ready to adapt. Creating Value helps equip organizations with the tools they need to do just that. 

More good. Bigger impact. What could be better?