Strategy - Gone are the days of the shelf-occupying, 40-page strategic plan. A well-conceived strategy – one that is purposeful yet flexible enough to account for emergence – provides an orienting framework for choices that create meaningful impact. Our team has developed a strategy framework that 1) positions organizations within the broader ecosystem, 2) helps them to clearly articulate their intended impact, 3) determine how they will achieve this impact, 4) identify the capabilities they require, and 5) develop a means to test and learn from their efforts. The culmination is a one-page strategy that provides clarity and aligns stakeholders.

Service Design - Human-centred organizations continually seek ways to amplify their impact, whether through incremental or breakthrough improvements. While maintaining a holistic perspective, we dive deep into the details of organizational structures and processes to emerge with programs and services that transform lives. We are mindful of the fact that even positive change can cause uncertainty and anxiety. Therefore, we work with organizations to manage change thoughtfully and effectively.

Social Enterprise - Organizations are becoming more entrepreneurial in their efforts to create meaningful change. Social enterprise offers a means to achieve social impact while enhancing financial sustainability. Our team helps to position organizations for success by supporting them to assess organizational readiness, identify opportunities, conduct feasibility studies, and develop business plans. For boards and management teams exploring social enterprise, we also offer customized workshops. Our founder, Jill Andres, completed a thesis in 2013 exploring "Critical Success Factors for Nonprofit Organizations Starting Social Enterprises". 

Collective Impact - Complex social issues are messy. They cross sector and organizational boundaries and require the thoughtful, coordinated efforts of multiple stakeholders across the entire system. Coordinating these efforts on an ongoing basis requires the support of a “backbone organization”. Our team has experience with collective impact initiatives in a number of fields such as health, learning, social innovation, and early childhood development and have developed backbone support processes (such as communication, coordination, and facilitation) that can be applied in a range of settings and industries.